Picks to click 04/13/15 – Frazier > Bautista

I haven’t written a blog post in a long time but I was compelled to do so after a brief interaction I happened to watch between Brian Kenny and Dan Plesac on MLB channel last night.

From what I could gather BK’s Pick to Click was Todd Frazier and Dan Plesac chose Jose Bautista.  As an aside, both CIN and TOR lost last night and in 2 very different ballgames (to say the least) – Cubs beat the Reds 7-6 in 10 innings and the Rays beat the Jays 2-1 in a relative pitchers duel.

During the brief segment that I saw Brian Kenny declared Plesac’s choice -Bautista- and his “0 for 1 with 3 walks” beat out BK’s pick -Frazier- whose performance in Baseball Speak is “1 for 3 with a Double and a RBI”.

I didn’t see the rest of the show so I don’t know what the criteria are to determine the Pick To Click winner, especially with 2 such disparate performances/2 such disparate games, but I look forward to watching today’s MLB Now because Mr. Kenny said they’d talk about the topic … can’t wait to watch!

I decided to use my own methodology and award my own Pick to Click winner so I 4BaseScore’d both games and in my opinion (and my scoring):

Frazier’s 04/13/15 In-Game Contributions > Bautista’s 04/13/15 In-Game Contributions

Here’s my 4Score Table from last night’s 4Base Scorecards of each game showing Player Contributions within the context of each game favor Frazier:

Frazier’s In-Game 4Score = 8

Bautista’s In-Game 4Score = 4


Here are the specific 4BaseScore Scorecards from each game.

1.  CIN 7-6 loss @ CHC:

CHC Game6 – 04-13-15 – CIN-6-CHC-7-Soler

CHC Game6 - 04-13-15 - CIN-6-CHC-7-340-256

2.  TOR 2-1 Loss vs TB:

TB-TOR-Game7 – 04-13-15 – TB-2-TOR-1-Souza

TB-Game7 - 04-13-15 - TB-2-TOR-1-330-249


For a fuller explanation of the methodology – see the presentation.