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Due to miscellaneous requests from podcasters, I’m providing:

  1. Short overview presentation that addresses frequently asked questions. 
  2. Longer research paper which was submitted for SABR 2016

More detail available upon request: Contact Us Form

Email:  Cycled314@icloud.com

Twitter: @CMCyled

Click here for longer 2016 SABR Analytics Research Paper submission – Jan 31 2016

Click here or below for shorter overview presentation:

Sample Game PDF from AccessDB

Sample Game PDF from Tableau

Accolades from professionals inside the sport:

DerrickGoold-Tweet-082816 Brian-Kenny-Advanced-Thinking-Tweet-061716

1st Place Winner – 2015 STL SABR Conference

– View the 4Base Presentation – click link above or pic below



Contact Us – We want to hear from other Baseball Scorecard Keepers – feel free to send us your scorecard.

We want feedback and ideas on how to improve and expand for 2016

4Base Scoring is a prototype project/product of Cycled Solutions LLC – CycledSolutions.com

We’re looking for

  • a Market
  • Partner(s)
  • and/or Funding to refine and improve the system.

Contact Us for more information or to provide feedback on the system.

Project Prototype work:   We chose 2 MLB teams for prototype testing, have scored 600+ games covering 2013 and 2014 seasons, sought feedback from professionals inside the sport.

Positive reviews received from:

Retired MLB Player (10+ year career)

Current MLB coach

3 MLB team media members (Print & Broadcast media)

Amateur level Athletic Director

* Notes regarding the Game PDFs and the scoring effort: 

The focus of the prototype/proof of concept work was to capture LA Angels and STL Cardinals for every 2013 & 2014 game and discover:

  1. Team MVP
  2. “Under the radar” players
  3. Players who contribute More/Less than their standard numbers may show
  4. Take baseball speak such as “0 for 1 with a walk and 2 sac flies” and numerically tally the value of that effort inside the game → View this actual game report here:  Game 075-06-21-14PHI1-STL 4-4ScoreExample-Adams-0-1-Walk-2SacFlies.  Just one of so many examples of how the so-called “little things” help win games … and in our view are not little at all … they’re huge.

The scoring work has been done almost exclusively by one person so – generally speaking – the site visitor should expect only the LAA/STL side of a game.  However you will periodically get the Opponent scorecard as well.

Thanks to the volunteer scorer who helped with early 2014 work but whose college class load was rightfully a higher priority.

The time and effort involved in scoring 2 MLB teams was sometimes overwhelming so thanks in advance for your patience and support.

 4Base – Scorer Stats  – as of 08-21-15:


Approximately 70 cents from sales of “GO – Meal and Fitness Tracker” iPhone app goes to Cycled Solutions LLC.  If you want a cool little visual food and activity log please buy the GO app – for now this is helping offset website costs.